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Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Service

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Tinting your car windows provides many benefits that will give you greater comfort and enjoyment of your vehicle. The most important of these include:

  • UV protection
  • Improved visibility for the driver
  • Discourages theft
  • Improves your driving comfort
  • Enhance the appearance of your vehicle


Block out UV Rays

Our car window tinting service can help reduce UV damage to your eyes and skin that is so common among frequent drivers. Even if you are only driving an unprotected hour a day, this can add up to years on your skin. Our products can block 99% of the dangerous rays.

Comfort and Safety

By drastically reducing the amount of solar energy that gets into your vehicle by as much as 56%, you will no longer have to dread getting into a sauna after you have been parked under the hot sun.

You will also appreciate reduced glare by up to 84% on sunny days. This will give you considerably better visibility and a reduction in blind spots that are created by glares.

Improved Security

Your privacy and the security of your belongings will be increased as visibility into your car can be reduced by up to 95%. If car window tinting keeps your car from being broken into just once, it will have paid for itself.

Don’t Risk Gaps & Bubbles from Car Window Tinting Service

Cobra will provide you with the most expert car window tinting services. You can enjoy a gapless, perfect fit free of puckering as a result of our quality products, our custom computer cut patterns, and our complex heat shrinking process.

Visit our Mississauga showroom or contact us today for help identifying the best tint installation for your needs.