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Car Tinting Service that Won’t Fade

We only trust car window tinting from SunTek Window Films and SLP Solarfilm. They are the only window tinting brands we use on our vehicles, and the only film we know will stand up to our rigorous quality standards on yours.

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When you get car tinting service at our shop, you benefit from the leading brand names in the window tinting industry.

Tint your windows for more than just the great look. When you complete your car tinting service, you’ll have:

  • High quality thermal blocking, reducing heat transfer from the blazing sun outside and lowering the burden on your air conditioner.
  • 0 radio signal interference, because older tinting products reflected radio signals and reduced sound quality, and that’s not ok.
  • UV protection, filtering up to 99% of hazardous UV rays.
  • Upholstery-fading protection that lasts as long as your window tinting.
  • Excellent visibility, even at night

No fading, guaranteed

Our manufacturers, SunTek and SLP Solarfilm, stand behind their products and offer warranties on each product.

Both manufacture 5 different models of auto tinting for different price ranges, needs and car appearances. Get a matted finish or a reflective finish. Choose a dark tint or a light tint, or something between and get up to a 5 year warranty, protecting your investment from any factory-fault deficiencies.

Book your car tinting service and outfit your ride with window tinting from the most established, reliable brand names in the industry. Call us or stop by today to talk about the right product for your car.

Brands We carry

We carry a number of brands at Cobra1. Come down to our store or contact us here for more details.

For more specific information on brand models. Click the following brands to visit their websites directly.