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Window Tinting


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Product Information

Commercial/Residential and Benefits:

Decrease Heat Today's window film is extremely efficient at minimizing the effects of solar rays. Solar Films can provide up to 82% more heat reduction than untreated glass.

Eliminate Glare There are many causes of glare: direct sunlight, reflections from snow, water or surrounding buildings.

Increase Comfort and Energy Savings Indoor temperature imbalances are often caused by areas of extreme sun. Window film can help balance interior temperature, resulting in reduced air conditioning costs. Additionally, many power companies offer rebates for installing window film.

Solar window tint protects against ultraviolet damage

An easy, no-hassle installation

Brands We carry

We carry a number of brands at Cobra1. Come down to our store or contact us here for more details.

For more specific information on brand models. Click the following brands to visit their websites directly.

Suntek  Solarguard  SLP