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Heated Seats, Remote Starters and Other Electronics

Heated seats, starters, alarms, and other electronic accessories can make your vehicle more secure and make your ride more enjoyable.  If you spend lots of time in your car, or you find driving stressful, there are products that will help make your travel experiences more comfortable.


Enhance your vehicle with a wide selection of quality electronics:

  • Alarms
  • Remote starter
  • Fleet management
  • GPS systems
  • Bluetooth
  • Backup sensor
  • Back up camera
  • Lights- HID
  • Heated seats
  • Factory integration
  • Power locks
  • Power trunk
  • Power windows
  • Keyless entry

heated seats

Heated Seats

Your winter drive can be even more comfortable when you use heated seats to warm you up once you get in. Models that provide immediate heat and high-low settings are available, and you will not have to complete the installation yourself when you purchase from Cobra.

Remote StartersRemote starters allow you to put an end to sitting in your driveway early in the morning as your car warms up in the winter, and start enjoying an extra few minutes inside your home. We provide reliable installation so that you can start enjoying clear windows and a warm vehicle first thing in the morning.

HID Lighting

HID lights are featured in all new high-end cars. They provide the benefits of lower power consumption and a white light that illuminates better and provides the optimum visibility.

Products that Enhance Safety and Security

Backup cameras and sensors, alarm systems, and fleet management systems can offer you improved security and safe operation of your vehicles. Even if your car came with a factory alarm, these are often ineffective. If you are like most people, you probably ignore a honking alarm on a weekly basis. New alarm systems have the ability to send you an alert when your vehicle is being broken into or vandalized. 

Visit our showroom for a consultation on which products are best for your car or truck, or view our product pages for more details.