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Remote Starters

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Remote Starter Features and Benefits:

HDR Technology

Stands for High Data Rate. Autostart's transmitter effective range has always been high on the priority list. Our RF and software team joined forces to create one of the most advance transmitter coding ever, the HDR™. By increasing the speed of which the data is modulated on the carrier from the remote control, short but powerful bursts of information can be transmitted. The signal is retrieved in the vehicle by the antenna which contains a high efficiency filtering system that allows clear reading of the command. Careful thinking was done for this smart technology, just to simply increase the effective range and its stability.

HDX Technology

The HDX technology software is made to give the fastest confirmation of any two-way systems by virtually operating like in full duplex mode. Its great advantages are the user-friendliness of the transmitter’s operation, its fast response time and the maximization of the transmitter’s effective range.

Virtual Tach System

Virtual Tach System combines the latest microcontroller technology and a complex algorithm that took years to develop. VTS is able to effectively monitor the engine starting sequence and release the starter at the right time without physically connecting the Tach wire to the remote starter. The VTS constantly monitors the data and readjusts itself automatically in order to maximize its capability to start the engine properly in any weather or deteriorating battery condition (automatic transmission only).

Advanced remote start functions: Timer Start, Smart Start, RunTime Reset, and more

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Keyless Entry

Programmable auto unlock / off / drivers door / all doors

Parking light flasher

Cold/Hot Automatic Start:

Set your vehicle to automatically start at a certain time or temperature to make sure you always have a head start on the weather.

Valet Mode:

Turns off all alarm and remote start features, also known as service mode.

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