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Improve vehicle security, safety, and style with a wide selection of lighting options. From automotive lamps, to decorative interior fixtures and everything in between, Cobra has got you covered.

Emergency Lights

Select from reliable products from top brands:

  • LED,  HID & halogen
  • Litech
  • PIAA
  • Pilot
  • Hella

Benefits of HID

High Intensity Discharge lights are becoming more and more popular as cost of the technology has drastically decreased over recent years. They provide a great number of benefits to drivers, including:

  • Brighter, more natural light for greater visibility
  • Lower energy requirements are less of a drain of your vehicles electrical system
  • Provides a more high-end look to a vehicle
  • Provides triple the lifetime of standard halogen bulbs

Interior Lights

Emergency Lights

Don’t take risks when you’re on the road. For any job that has the potential to compromise road safety, you can access quality emergency strobes or beacons through Cobra. Our Grote and Star products allow you to notify motorists of potential hazards.

Interior Lights

Customize your interior vehicle space to improve its function and your comfort. We provide you with a variety of interior options, from stylish and unique LEDs to basic filaments.

  • Ambient glows
  • Reading lamps
  • Roof consoles
  • Decorative LED strips

Contact the Experts at Cobra

Are you ready to develop your custom solution to enhance your vehicle? Contact the experts at Cobra to discuss your needs, or visit our showroom to view examples of truck lighting and make your selection.