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Rust Proofing


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Protectoil Rust Protection for Cars

You don’t have to watch your car waste away, even if it has a few years under its hood. Since 1984 Protectoil rust proofing has been the choice of people wanting their vehicles to last beyond the norm. Protectoil can be applied to your car any time of the year, so do it now before salt and moisture get a foothold in your car.

Here’s why Protectoil rust proofing works so well. We use two unique products on your car.

  • Protectoil 2T is applied to enclosed areas such as the doors, the engine compartment and the frame structure. To protect against condensation that transports moisture into the remote parts of your vehicle, Protectoil 2T creeps and penetrates the tiniest crevice sealing the metal from rust.

  • Protectoil 2T will penetrate existing rust and neutralize the decay.

  • Protectoil XB is applied to the exposed underside of your car. It sticks on: it resists road splash: it barely drips.

  • Some people believe there is one solution to the problem of rust. Protectoil knew from the start that you need two products to work in the different conditions your car experiences.

Brands We carry

We carry a number of brands at Cobra1. Come down to our store or contact us here for more details.