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Rust Proofing


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Sentinel Total Car Protection

For protection of your new car, we offer the Sentinel New Car protection Plan. A combination of Sentinel Rustproofing, Ultrashine Paint Protection and Fabgard for your interior gives you a total appearance protection package. Your car will benefit long into the future when you protect it right away and we warranty it.

Sentinel is designed not to drip. It will set up over a short period of time. Sentinel seals your car from corrosive moisture. It will not dry or crack. Special rust inhibitors prevent rust from getting started.

A great look, peace of mind and a higher resale value are good reasons to let Sentinel make your life a bit easier. the most chip-prone surfaces, such as the hood, mirrors and bumpers, requires no drilled holes or special fasteners like other protection products.

Brands We carry

We carry a number of brands at Cobra1. Come down to our store or contact us here for more details.