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Why Get A Spray-On Bedliner For Your Truck Or Van?

Whether it’s for work or play, your truck’s bed can take a beating and become damaged over time. A spray-on bedliner applied by a professional will help you extend the longevity of your vehicle for years to come. 

What Is A Spray-On Bedliner?

A spray-on bedliner is one type of bedliner that gets sprayed onto your truck’s bed, hence the name. 

Benefits Of Spray-On Bedliners

Durability: More durable than a drop-in bedliner, and resistant to corrosion.

Long-lasting: Many spray-on bedliners will last you longer than the life of your truck, if applied professionally.

Watertight: Spray-on bedliners adhere to the steel on your truck, preventing any water from getting trapped and causing corrosion or rust.

Value: Having a spray-on bedliner installed increases the resale value of your vehicle.

Why Choose Cobra Car And Truck to Install Your Spray-On Bedliner?

  • Cobra has been providing car and truck accessories for more than a quarter-century to hundreds of pickup truck and car lovers.
  • We are experts at what we do.
  • We offer top-notch service with our friendly and dedicated staff.
  • We can help guide you through the best options to fit your unique needs.


* $50 Non-refundable deposit required when Booking appointment
* Rebooking requires 24 hours notice

Brand Product Price Notes Action
Xtreme Liner Long Bed $635.95 Book OnlineSave $40Book online save $40 Book Online
Xtreme Liner Short Bed $531.95 Book OnlineSave $40Book online save $40 Book Online
Xtreme Liner Van flooring $759.95 Book Online-------- Book Online
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