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Truck Caps And Covers

Folding and Roll-up Covers for Truck Security

We carry roll-up tonneau covers from Extang to secure your cargo and keep the elements out.

Choose from two leading models designed to fit perfectly in any climate:

  • Revolution
    • Ultra low profile with a never-done-before roll-up design using no snaps or Velcro. The spring loaded bows conveniently roll up within the tarp when the tonneau is not in use, and the low profile design provides an almost flush fit.
  • Express
    • The express is made with, obviously, speed and ease in mind. We think it’s the most convenient roll-up style tonneau cover on the market. It takes only a few minutes to install the all weather tarp so your gear is protected from the sun, rain or snow.

Maybe the best thing about these roll up truck covers is they can help you achieve as much as 10% greater fuel economy. Doesn’t sound like much, but over the long term it adds up.

  • If you fill up only 1 time each week, and it costs $80, you spend about $4160 on fuel each year. 10% savings is about $416 annually. Your cover pays for itself many times over its life.

Are you a folder?

If you prefer the structure of a folding tonneau cover, we carry Rugged Liner tonneau covers that provide all the benefits of a roll-up cover. Choose:

  • Vinyl
  • Hard
  • Snap

Already know what you want? Call us today for a quote on your folding or roll-up truck covers in Mississauga.

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