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Trailer Hitches

RV Trailer Hitch Installation in Mississauga

We stock serious hardware for heavy towing applications, including:

Whatever you need to carry, we can help manage the load.

The fifth wheel

Fifth wheel couplings provide the link between a semi-trailer and thw towing truck or tractor unit. The units we carry from Reese and Pro Series Towing feature side-to-side pivots to better accommodate hook ups on uneven ground. You also get quick installation and easy, just-seconds removal.

The goose neck

Goose neck hitches are designed for use on pickup trucks and feature a setup similar to a fifth wheel hitch. The main difference:

  • Goose neck uses a ball and coupler.

When outfitting your truck for a horse or livestock trailer, opt for a goose neck hitch for minimal trailer and truck bed obstruction.

Pintle hook

Pintle hitches are known for a high weight capacity and simple layout/operation. They are trusted for specialized towing in construction and agriculture applications, but also in everyday applications like boat towing.

Pintle hitches incur a lot of wear because of the high weight nature of its towing applications, so they are designed more ruggedly than other hitch options.

Weight distribution

Weight distribution hitches move excessive tongue weight from the rear of the vehicle to the front. We carry:

  • Trunnion options
  • Round bar options
  • Replacement parts and accessories

Whether you know what you need or you need to know more to choose the right hitch, visit our showroom and we’ll help.