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Truck Liner

If you use your vehicle to move cargo, you must be concerned about protecting the paint from the dents and scratches that can occur. This damage can allow for rust to take over.  There are great options on the market today that allow you to prevent this from happening.

Pickup Truck Liners

Select from quality truck bed liners in three main styles:

  • Spray on
  • Bedrug
  • Drop in

How to Choose a Liner

When choosing the right product for your vehicle, you must first decide whether you want it be me a permanent solution. Spray on products cannot be removed one they are applied. After that, you should consider the type of loads you will be moving. If you are frequently transporting heavy loads, a drop in liner or Bedrug can be custom fit to your bed, and provides better protection against dents and scratches.

If you will not always be tethering your load down, skid resistance will be another important feature when selecting your liner. Of all of your options, a Bedrug provides the lowest amount of skid resistance.

Why Choose Spray- On?

Our premium Reflex brand spray on liner outperforms competing sprays to provide the optimum grip and protection for your cargo bed. Since it is sprayed directly onto your bed, it provides the perfect fit.


  • Your cargo stays put on its high grip surface
  • Eliminates rust
  • Numerous colour options
  • Also ideal for van floors and trailers

Why Choose Bedrug?

Bedrug is a removable solution that gives your cargo bed cushioning, protection against damage, and a comfortable working surface. The carpet-like layer completely covers the inside walls, floor, and hatch.


  • Easy installation and removal
  • Highly durable material will not stain or rip
  • Prevents dents and scratches

No One Size Fits all Solution

Cobra is dedicated to providing you the correct solution to your unique needs. We do not stock one-size- fits-all products, and all of our expert installations and tailored to give you the perfect result for your vehicle.

Visit our showroom today to view samples of our truck bed liners, and to have a knowledgeable staff member help to evaluate your needs.